We have been forever changed by experiencing a faith-filled journey that first brought us our sweet Caitlin, then an adoption that ended in disappointment, and now one that placed us in the NICU with a sweet little baby boy. Never would we have chosen the disappointment and grief of losing children we had come to love and now worrying about the health of our new little addition, but God's plan has been to forever leave His mark of grace, brokenness, and freedom to obey even when we don’t understand. To Him be the glory for what He has done, and is doing, and will do!

With love and gratefulness to our Heavenly Father who has adopted us into His forever family, and to you, our family and friends,

Robert, Carlene and Caitlin Belue

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trusting Him Just the Same

With tears in my eyes, I thanked God for my two kids today, who have taught me to trust Jesus in all things. I trusted God when He said He had a good plan for me.
I kept trusting Him when I couldn’t bear children and the years wore on, and I saw His loving hand upon my grieving heart. He was saving my tears.
I still trusted when He led us to adoption. I trusted while I waited and waited.  I trusted He would provide the finances and the child He had planned for us. He did!
I trusted Him when I wanted to adopt again but the timing wasn’t right. I trusted while I waited and waited some more.
I trusted Him when He began working on us to adopt a sibling group, even when I really didn’t see how we could, or if we should.
I trusted when He chose 3 sweet children whom we loved and lost; I trusted when He took us all the way to Colombia and back, empty-handed.  I trusted in His deep love for me and our children.
I trusted, and praised God for what He would do, even when I couldn’t see. I trusted while I waited again.
I trusted Him when he brought along a new little life, one who was really sick.
I trusted God on the day I was told he had bleeding in his brain, and a blood clot, and they couldn’t tell me if he would be okay.
I trusted God when He said to keep trusting, even when I couldn’t see, even when I could’ve made the choice to quit. I trusted, and waited.
I’m trusting God today for what I can’t see for tomorrow, and thanking Him that He can!
I have learned that I can trust God in all things; for in all things He loves, He provides, He gives, He plans, He heals, He never changes!

The practice of trust in times like these, has brought a strength to my soul, a peace that only God could bring, a love for my Jesus, and an excitement for heaven, that no other circumstances and no other choices could have brought.

 I can trust Him because I know He loves me!